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As our friend the monkey here is showing us, it doesn’t take much to get into a decent camera these days. Kids birthdays, Aunt Jane’s Christmas mixer, hey, even selfies (selfie was word of the year once btw) are looking better and better !! The Digital Age of Photography is all around us!

Instantly some of the more pretentious among us are slightly turning up the nose by this point.. And some have now left… But the simple fact remains is that taking photos isn’t as hipster as it was only a few years ago, and I for one, am happy it is more mainstream than ever !!

Now rather than just trying to rock the boat (well I am feeling a little seasick but that’s besides the point) I actually have valid, logical (ok well the logic is debatable I admit) arguments as to why everyone being a photographer is a great thing.

Reason #1: People actually care. A number of years ago no one REALLY cared about the ability to take a good photo. Nowadays people are seeing SO many photos that they are actually developing a palate for basic, but fundamental, skills that are driving up, creativity, skill, interest, and desire TO BE BETTER! And that is a great thing (even if it still means 12 billion ‘selfie’ hashtags this year…).

Reason #2: History. we won’t have to rely on carvings on stone walls, inside of caves, anymore to know what happened… Hooray for The Digital Age!

Reason #3: Technology. this is my favorite actually. Just like the cell phone business, the camera business is benefiting from volume. People buy, the company’s develop, simple as that. There is a big, and ever growing market for cameras, and like I said before, the sheer volume of people caring about what they have, is causing the technology to grow, AND become much more reasonably priced (Well mostly..) That benefits even the diehard professional.

Reason #4: The separating of wheat from chaff. If you are a great photographer, what do you have to be worried about? If you really are that great wouldn’t more people, more ideas, more interest only cause you to grow even greater? I think that this ‘saturation’ actually will expose the wannabes, and cause the truly great photogs to rise to the top !!

Reason #5:  Monkeys everywhere will not have to sit on typewriters anymore, they can run around free, taking photos…

Anyway, there are a lot of reasons why this digital age of photography is a good thing, like I said, the great photographers have nothing to worry about, only worry about getting even better !!

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