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I am by no means an expert, but it is hard to argue with the Beauty inside France, ok yes I know that some of the ‘cleanliness’ might not be to your North American standards, and yes ok maybe some of that led to plague like conditions… But I am so serious when I say, there is tremendous beauty inside France!

I think in the few times that I have been I have merely scratched the surface of what the nation has to offer, we all know of the wine, the food, the air of confidence that every French person carries with their properly tied scarves and picturesque baggett as the walk through the street of Paris. The pride they take in their sports and history, and architecture.

And while ok maybe that “Pride” comes off at arrogance at first, the people of France are truly the Beauty inside France. They remind me of the time I strolled into this Church in Versailles, from the outside the courtyard seemed so large, daunting even, yet as I cracked the large wooden doors, with their scars of centuries of weather and wear, I stumbled into a beautiful simplicity yet strength that I believe most French folk are made up of.  The strong pillars of history, ready to withstand anything that gets thrown their way, the beautiful organ that sounds the song of a nation, yet the light and warmth I felt there is exactly how I feel every time I am invited into one of their homes.

The beauty inside France is something that we might not see clearly on the surface, but it is there, ready to invite you in and welcome you to what incredibly is, France.