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If you are strange enough to have been following me on social media for a little while, you would probably know a few facts about me. I take photographs, I loathe cat posts,  and I try to lighten the day by being ridiculous… My aim isn’t to rock the boat, its to show everyone that behind the camera is a real person, and one that likes to have fun, and to share The Story of a Photograph.

In a recent post I talked about the recent boom of photographers, many of which are quite good, and very good at explaining the technical side of how they do what they do. That’s awesome! I love to talk technical as well, however I have made a discovery over the number of years posting photos nearly every day. Some people like the technical talk, and it really should still be considered important, in the right circles,  but the VAST majority of people just don’t care! So what do they care about?

Well #1 and most importantly, EXCELLENT photos !! That should be the main focus, but on top of that we also love stories. We love hearing how people think, react, we love hearing about their experiences, we like to identify with them, learn, laugh, and share with them. And This important part I feel has been missing from the art form I really love.

I have used humor (or an attempt at it) to tell a story that accompanies my photos. Ok if you have read some of them you know that the story does not necessarily coincide with the photo… Sometimes the story is an endless litany of random words that somehow form sentences (kind of like this one). But what is really cool, is people seem to really enjoy, not only my photos, but the story that accompanies them!

Think about the commercials, or adverts that you remember, they usually have caused some sort of reaction in you, hence it causes you to remember it!! I have chosen humor to cause this effect in people, and it works!! Ok so I should clarify, I am not just using this method as a means to get popular, I genuinely LOVE dreaming up something funny to go along with my work, I have more than one talent, why not try to incorporate as many things as I love into one moment ??

So why not try and use multiple talents you have next time you are writing, shooting, filming, painting, OR if you feel that would be hard, why not try to collaborate with others to help tell The Story of a Photograph with you? Again, the technical side is great, but I want people to know ME a little bit more with each photo, post or comment I make!!

Come see or READ The Story of a Photograph on all the posts on INSTAGRAM!