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Well it all started at my kitchen table after deciding to finally jump back into video. However the first few episodes of INSIDE the LENS with Jesse Martineau sucked… That being said, if I never overcame the fear of ‘sucking’ I would NOT be where I am right now!

“OK everyone has to leave!” I said to my family as I was setting up my camera at the kitchen table. I was nervous, I couldn’t be myself if anyone but the camera was watching, wow I remember that feeling so vividly, yet it is completely foreign to me now. As I sat there talking about my life and what I wanted to do on INSIDE the LENS, but I really had no idea… All I knew was I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO IT. and I couldn’t stop until SOMETHING broke, either me, or my business, or both I guess…

Looking back it was mainly myself that had to break a bit. I had to let go of fear, grab hold of what I knew I was gifted with, and jump out of the plane. I had to believe that the gift would turn into a parachute somewhere on the decent and provide us with the stability for a safe landing. It worked.

Now it definitely did not work right away! There were many times I thought I was seriously screwed… And I know it is not over yet! It’s time for me to re-jump, because level 2 requires me to jump from higher! Below is that fateful first episode of INSIDE the LENS with Jesse Martineau… There are going to be more vlogs hitting YouTube soon, so please subscribe to the channel, it really does help!

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