I worked in T.V… It almost killed me, I am so sick of what passes as “Video” Can we move past the talking head, cut to a shot of traffic, back to the talking head, over to the narrator, narrator talks for a second, back to traffic, back to talking head…

Do you want your vibrant company, brand, personality to be just another news cast? Of course not, this is where I come in.

The New Era is HERE

It’s different, it’s raw, edgy, might even look a little “un-polished” but it is the look and sound of an entire generation!

Why do my videos cut through the noise of ALL the other videos out there? It is because they are REAL, they are genuine, they TELL A STORY!

We are SICK of being sold to! It no longer works the way it used to. Thankfully what DOES work is the power of your story!

Intrigued? Let’s talk! Below are some of the people that have jumped on board and are telling their story!

"THE FANCY HOUSE" - 36 Hope Common

I'm Selling a FULLY FURNISHED 1,560 sq foot NEVER-BEFORE-LIVED-IN -SHOWHOME in Harvest Ridge...Yes, that's right..EVERYTHING comes with the house! All you need to do is bring FOOD and CLOTHES and you're set! And...the house is super nice!! Landscaping, Deck, Garage, Air Conditioning...ALL DONE! JUST MOVE IN! CHECK IT OUT! $395,900 (without furnishings)MLS# E4122317

Posted by Ben Loates-The GOOD Real Estate Company on Friday, July 27, 2018
VIDEO TOUR - Bissell Centre’s NEW Community Space

📽 VIDEO TOUR - Bissell Centre’s NEW Community SpaceOn June 11th, we officially opened our newly renovated Community Space. Today, we invite you to look around!Our new space dramatically improves people’s ability to access the services they need to meet basic needs, connect to supports, develop skills, and build relationships, which are essential to overcoming poverty and homelessness.Learn how the open concept makes it easier for people to enroll in a variety of programs, and how the changes offer a more dignified experience to people accessing clothes, showers and laundry services and much more.Learn more about the project here: project would not have been possible without the generous support of Inter Pipeline, City of Edmonton, Government of Alberta, and Southminster-Steinhauer United Church.Filming & Production by Jesse Martineau.

Posted by Bissell Centre on Wednesday, August 1, 2018